Andrew Canton (Matt Stefan)

Daniel (David Walpole)

Lesley (Sarah Seachrist)

TV actor/Marcus (Trumaine McLean)

Cafe waitress (Ilana Walker)

Restaurant waitress (Desire McLean)

Bethany (Lauren Scratch)

TV actor/Santiago (Isiah McLean)

Jehovah’s witness #1 (Drew Sussman)

Jehovah’s witness #2 (Nate Sussman)

Young Andrew (Chris Paolini)

Young Angela (Marissa Vodden)

Cafe owner (Wayne Degroot)

Podcast voice (Geoff Diamond)

Electrician (Steve MacLeod)

Federal agent #1 (Stefan Vince)

Federal agent #2 (Jamie Nardoc)

Demon (Angelica Bell)

Bloody Mary (Lina Camarinha)

TV demon (Desmond Smith)

Newscaster (Kyla Eckhart)

Detective #1 (Gary Genttner)

Detective #2 (Derek)

Hannah Martin (Hannah Brander)

Friend at party #1 (Mikela Vodden)

Friend at party #2 (Grace Guidolin)

Preston sister #1 (Madeline Genttner)

Preston sister # 2 (Mikela Genttner)

Preston sister #3 (Siera Camarinha)


Additional sound design (Mark Duffield)

Additional camera operator (Brian Chambers)

Additional camera operator (Brandon Chang)

Script supervisor (Matt Stefan)

Production assistant (Lina Camarinha)

Written/Directed/Filmed/Edited (Steve MacLeod)

Executive Producer (Glenn Whitehead)

Executive Producer (Nick Whitehead)

Executive Producer (Steve MacLeod)


The Niskeys – Sheila

Nikki’s Wives – Slow Fast Slow

Hannah Buckley – Provinces

kingmobb – Dxn’t Want You

Jay Hodgson – Shake My Tree

The Paris – Woman

The Niskeys – Under the World

Poacher – The Way That You Roll

Simon & Kirsten – Coffee Shop

Special thanks

Archies Fish & Chips, Poacher, Jay Hodgson, Janelle Costantino, Stefan Vince, Kre’adiv House Inc., Lina Camarinha, Matt Shelvock, Desire McLean, Keith Nethery, Wayne Degroot, Ilana Walker, Plant Matter Kitchen, Plant Matter Cafe, Tuckey’s Home Hardware, The Wortley Roadhouse, The Quarter Master, and Zen-Za Pizzeria.

Ugly Wolf Cinema/News Knowledge Media Inc. (2019)




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